Safety is the foremost priority on every J.L. Bray & Son project.

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is a core value

Safety is more than a priority at J. L. Bray & Sonit is a core value. Safety is required as a condition of employment. Our goal is to send every employee home safely, every night.

J. L. Bray & Son, Inc. strives to foster a culture of safety that starts at the top. We welcome feedback from all employees, and provide constant training to ensure an injury-free workplace.

Our Safety Program includes:

  • Employee and Supervisor Trainings
  • Construction equipment and operator training
  • Weekly Site Safety Meetings
  • Site Specific COVID Prevention Planning

Our Safety Coordinator is guided by our Injury Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP), with continual and effective implementation. Our Safety Coordinator walks every job site regularly and unannounced to ensure safety protocols are followed.

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Award Winning

Safety Record

J. L. Bray & Son, Inc. is proud of our consecutive Safety Awards presented by Construction Employers Association in 2019 and 2020 for “Excellence in Safety." This award is given to firms that establish the highest standard of health and safety in their work environments.

J. L. Bray & Son, Inc. is committed to maintaining our long-running safety record, with no losses and no claims, which has resulted in an extremely low Experience Modification Factor of 0.75.

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